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Available on iTunes, Spotify and PodBean. Gabriele Carboni is a marketing and communication consultant based in Italy. Defined by Going Global UK "Leading expert in international marketing strategies", he is an entrepreneur and a journalist, focused on strategic marketing and digital transformation.

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Friday Aug 02, 2019

Talking to Guy Kawasaki was just awesome! He was in the team that released the Macintosh, the first Personal Computer with a UI and a mouse! They changed the world. So much time is passed since Guy worked aside Steve Jobs. Now the world is changed again and digital is transforming the way we interact with technology. http://marketingdistinguo.com 

Monday Jul 22, 2019

How does a coffee roaster differentiate from the competition? How do you connect the marketing strategy to the advertising? This podcast is the case study of a real coffee company in Italy. See more on http://marketingdistinguo.com 

Monday Jul 22, 2019

Your website should be an investment, not a cost. Learn how to approach the digital strategy and build a great website. See more on http://visualcommunicationplanner.com 

Monday Jul 22, 2019

From differentiation to social media to innovation to differentiation again. My discussions with Prof. Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing. See more on http://marketingdistinguo.com 

Monday Jul 22, 2019

Does sustainabiliy affect the Marketing Distinguo? Or is it the other way around? How should marketers help leaders to integrate sustainability thinking into the core of the business?
You can find all my DigitalTalks on blog.marketingdistinguo.com 

Monday Jul 22, 2019

The Marketing Distinguo is a simple process to answer the question: “Why should I buy your product?” 
A glue concept between brand positioning and USP is essential as it not only simplifies the job of the marketing manager and communications agency but is reflected in the product/service being offered.

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